We love our new mattress

Mattresses have changed over the years and many people are upgrading to a more modern style of bedding. Here are Sims Futon Gallery we  are proud dealers of the best quality,  American made,  modern mattress styles. 

We  offer a variety of bedding choices aside from futons and we are authorized dealers for Bed In a Box and Otis Bedding. We did the research and we can put your mind at ease with the finest quality, comfort and affordability in the mattress industry. 


Bed in a box has “unique foam is innovative, durable, and performs better than older types of foam. We choose to use American suppliers to ensure efficacy, avoiding cheaper imported foam that is often inconsistently poured and unregulated. We have sent our products to independent labs to certify that they are hypoallergenic and do not contain harmful chemicals. They have been pressure mapped to ensure maximum comfort.”


“Over a century since its inception, Otis Bed Manufacturing grew to become the largest and most respected mattress manufacturer in Western New York that produces high performance sleep & cushioning systems for the consumer and medical products market.”